Eyebrow Tattooing: Feather vs Powder vs. Ombre vs Combination Brows

The eyebrows are the most expressive features of the face. Unfortunately, these are not the most cooperative ones. Consequently, it is no question why most women invest a portion of their precious daily lives filling in their eyebrows in front of the mirror. Sometimes, others do it on the way to work. Then the selfie cam substitutes for a mirror.

But what if we tell you that you do not have to spend minutes filling in your eyebrows with pencils every single day?

With an eyebrow tattoo, gone are the days when the fear of ruining your pencil-filled eyebrows stops you from diving into the pool or working out at the gym! It is also a foolproof solution for women who want to be efficient with their time and those facing hair loss in their eyebrows.

As the trend of naturally bushy eyebrows like Cara Delevingneโ€™s grows in recent years, more and more women are coming to cosmetic tattoo studios for eyebrow tattoos. At Unique Blendz, you can trust us for natural-looking, luscious eyebrow tattoos that complement your overall facial features!

For those who are not familiar with this side of the beauty industry, the various terminologies regarding cosmetics can be confusing. Hence, before you set up a consultation with our artist-technician for one of the best beautifying treatments, let us walk you through the different eyebrow tattooing styles first to grasp which sort is the best for you to pursue.

Different Eyebrow Tattooing Style

#1. Feather Brows
Feather brows refer to an eyebrow style where the artist-technician draws hair strokes that mimic your natural eyebrow hair. Through microblading, using a tiny blade-like tool, the expert fashions fine, delicate hairs that follow your brow structure.

This style is the perfect choice for clients who prefer a natural look and do not often wear cosmetics in the eyebrow area. When it comes to skin type, this is best suitable for those with dry to normal skin.

#2. Powder Brows
For powder brows style, the professional creates a powdery look. Rest assured, this is not a traditional โ€˜block tattooโ€™. Our advanced techniques leave a healed result that is soft and pixelated.

With a digital cosmetic tattoo machine, pixelated shading of the eyebrows is done, resulting in a fuller look that takes after an eyebrow makeup or a tint or brow henna.

One thing to take note of this style is that it runs the same colour, which makes itself perfect for covering, refreshing, or colour-correcting existing eyebrow tattoos. Moreover, if your skin leans on the oilier side or if you consider wearing makeup as an everyday treat, consider this the best choice for you!

#3. Ombre Brows
Ombre brows are achieved through a process similar to how powder brows are made. However, the result gives a shaded look to the eyebrows where the fronts have a lighter shade while the tails are darker in colour.

Not only does this style make a brilliant choice for all skin types, but it is also longer-lasting than its counterparts. Another upside is that it is customizable. You have the liberty to decide on the strength or subtleness of your eyebrowโ€™s shade. Dramatic or soft? The decision is yours!

#4. Combination Brows
If you love the natural look brought about by feather brows and the stylish touch of the ombre brows, a combination brow is a choice you should consider. In addition to fine and delicate hair-like strokes tattooed on the eyebrows, the ombre shading enhances them, which gives a marvellously soft and more defined look.

At Unique Blendz, we acknowledge that every client has unique wants and needs. Believing you deserve not only the outcome of your liking but also a pleasing experience, we offer personalized treatment that is satisfyingly safe, non-intimidating, and comfortable, on top of a result that goes beyond your desires. With us, feel at home while looking like a celebrity!

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