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Cosmetic Tattoo Eligibility

To avoid any disappointment and to ensure the best possible results for your face, please ensure you are all clear to book in for a cosmetic tattoo treatment by reading through the eligibility questionnaire below.

Are you over 18 years of age?

In Australia you must be 18 or over to receive any Cosmetic Tattoo treatment.

If you are a parent/guardian and your child is under 16 and needs treatment due to medical reasons, please contact me directly to discuss.

Are you pregnant or breastfeeding?

Due to safety reasons, any cosmetic tattoo treatment must be postponed until after birth. If you are breastfeeding, treatment must not commence until you are finished. You are more than welcome to book a Specialised Consultation in the mean time to get a good understanding of the treatment and to help prepare for when you are ready to book in.

Do you regularly donate blood?

Please be aware – just like normal body art tattoos, you cannot donate blood for the next 6 months.

Are you on any thyroid medication or hormone replacement medication?

If you have any hormone imbalances or are actively taking any of the above types of medication, it may fade the cosmetic tattoo faster than normal. Treatment can still go ahead, but please keep this factor in mind when booking any appointment. Additional touch up appointments may be needed to keep your cosmetic tattoo looking fresh.

Have you been on Accutane medication?

Before booking a treatment, you must wait for a minimum of 6months before commencing treatment to ensure your skin is in its best condition. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Are you allergic to anything?

If you are allergic to anything, please tell Katelan when booking any appointment to ensure the treatment can still take place and it avoids any disappointment.

Do you have an existing cosmetic tattoo in the area that you wish to be treated?

It is essential that you mention this to Katelan when booking an appointment. She will request photos of the area to be sent through in good lighting before making an appointment. Previous cosmetic tattoo pigment must be light enough/faded adequately before booking another treatment.

Do you have Diabetes?

If you have type 1 or type 2 Diabetes it does carry a risk when it comes to our treatments. Because our treatments create small shallow wounds, the healing of this can be complicated if your blood sugar is high. 

People with uncontrolled diabetes have poor wound healing because there is less oxygen supply to the tissues and fewer blood vessels.  Aside from this, elevated blood sugar makes you prone to infection, because it lowers your immune system.

In short, having diabetes does not mean you can’t have a procedure done.  You just need to take ensure you have it controlled with medications. We ask that you consult with your GP first and get a clearance letter to provide if you wish to obtain treatment. 

Are you taking any blood thinning medication? i.e Fish Oil tablets

Excess bleeding during treatment will cause poor colour retention and it will affect the healed result. If you are taking blood thinning medication for medical reasons, please contact your GP first before stopping. If taking Fish Oil tablets simply for general health and well being, please stop taking them for a minimum of 7 days prior to your appointment. You must advise Katelan of all blood thinning medication when booking your appointment.

Have you had any cosmetic injectables in the area or near the area?

You must wait a minimum of 2 weeks after receiving any cosmetic injectables before commencing a cosmetic tattoo treatment.

Do you have HIV/AIDS?

Please discuss this with Katelan before booking an appointment. A medical clearance will be needed by your GP before commencing a treatment.

Do you have any moles in the area to be treated?

Please be aware, due to the safety of your skin, moles cannot be cosmetically tattooed over, and a 1-2mm gap must be left around it to ensure it is not disturbed. Please advise Katelan of any moles prior to booking, as she will request a photo to be sent through.

Do you have any eczema, acne, dermatitis or skin conditions in the area that you wish to be treated?

If you have any skin conditions on the treatable area, treatment will have to be postponed.

Do you suffer from cold sores/herpes simplex virus?

If you are requesting a lip cosmetic tattoo treatment and suffer from the above please advise Katelan when booking an appointment. During the treatment, ‘trauma’ is caused to the lips therefore an outbreak is highly likely to occur if you suffer already from cold sores. Depending on the severity of your outbreaks, treatment may be advised not to go ahead or Katelan will request you see your GP to obtain preventative medication to take prior to the treatment, during and after. If you have an outbreak during healing, it can severely effect the result.

Have you recently had a chemical peel?

You must wait a minimum of 3 weeks after receiving a chemical peel before commencing any cosmetic tattoo treatment.

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