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How do I book an appointment & see availability?

Please book online via: http://localhost:8888/uniqueblendz/book-now/ – we are booked back to back with clients so the quickest way is online. A $100 non-refundable deposit is required upon booking as a new client.

Your welcome to use Afterpay or Zippay to finalise your remaining balance in the studio on the day of your appointment. Please ensure you have downloaded either App & been approved. Please note there is an additional $25 fee applied if using either payment method & Afterpay or Zippay can only be used if the balance owing is over $200.

Can I change my brow style on the day of my appointment?

Yes we certainly can! A complimentary consultation is included in all treatment bookings where we assess your skin, eyebrow hair, how you wear your make up (if you do), manicuring routine, your preference in looks, the list goes on! We can then make a definite decision on what style is best for you & your skin. Your welcome to book any style to secure a booking with the option to change on the day!

Can I bring my baby/kids/friends to appointments?

We love children, but to abide by all health & safety rules & to ensure our full focus is on you, you must come alone to your appointment.

What payment facilities do you provide?

We accept Visa/Mastercard Debit & Credit Cards. We also accept cash. Afterpay or Zippay is also available for balances over $200.

Where are you located?

We are located at Shop 10/492 Christine Avenue Robina QLD 4226.

You will find Unique Blendz Studio located inside Peppertree Complex. There is visitor parking available directly out the front of shops or alternatively your welcome to park behind the complex in street parking.

Why do i need to send in a photo if I have previous work in the area from another artist before booking with you?

Photos are required for assessment if you have previous work in the area so we can perform a thorough assessment of the existing colour & shape. After viewing, we will inform you of our professional recommendation whether the area requires a colour correction, removal or simply a refresh. Keep in mind, if the existing work is too dark or the shaping is very unsymmetrical, we do not take on all cases. Tattoo removal may need to discussed & performed prior to seeing Katelan at Unique Blendz. If you are existing work in the area, pricing will still be classed as a New Client of Unique Blendz.

Will it fade & why?

Yes! It is normal for Cosmetic Tattoo Treatments to fade. The pigments we use are different to body art ink. Our pigments contain small molecules that break up over time compared to the large molecule size of body art inks that do not fade. Its a great benefit that it fades over time as you may want something a little different when you come back in for a refresh of colour.

How do i know what brow style i will like?

The style of brow we tattoo is based on what skin type you have & also the look you are after. You can read more about each style here.

If you have dry to normal skin type, every style is suitable for you in regard to getting the best longevity. If you have oily or compromised skin with less collagen in the area (mature clients) we recommend a style that is created with a digital cosmetic tattoo machine such as Ombre Brows, Powder Brows or either Nano Brows. By implanting the colour with a machine, increases longevity on oily skin compared to Microblading (Feather Touch Brows) and is very gentle on mature or compromised skin types.

If you are unsure we offer complimentary consultations in studio or any style you book online can easily be changed on the day of the treatment.

How do I care for my new cosmetic tattoo?

To ensure you get the best healed results for your brows, lips or Eyeliner, our strict After Care Rules need to be followed.  You can read more in-depth details here & how to maintain your colour long term.

How many appointments are required as a new client?

A minimum of two appointments are required for a new client. The initial appointment to create your new brows and another 5-8 week follow up appointment is required to touch up and perfect any areas that haven’t held. This must be booked in advance online to ensure availability.


If you wish to purchase a Gift Card please click the link below. Vouchers can be for any value. Simply complete all details located on  the below link. & once payment is made it will be emailed to your allocated



Cosmetic Tattoos can also be referred to as Micropigmentation / Permanent Make up or  Semi-Permanent Makeup. Cosmetic Tattoo refers to the art and science of implanting small quantities of pigment into the skin using a small pen-like machine or hand tool. The pigment remains in the skin indefinitely, however the colour may fade over time due to environmental factors, aging, health factors or because of how light the particular pigments used in the treatment is.

How are colours selected?

Katelan will choose colours based on colour science – identifying underlying skin tones and choosing the best possible pigment to give you the most natural look by inserting pigments into the dermis of the skin. For the most natural look, colours are matched to your eyebrow hair. Pigments come in a range of colours to suit women with very light eyebrow hair to very dark hair.

Should I wax and tint my brows prior to the appointment?

On the day of the appointment, Katelan will shape your brows, however she can only pluck to ensure the great skin integrity prior to the procedure. If you have quite bushy eyebrows, please get a wax 1 week prior to simply ‘clean’ up your brow. If you tint your eyebrows, please do not tint them within 2 weeks of your appointment. Brows must be clean from Henna Tint as well.

What are the benefits of Cosmetic Tattoo?
  • Look and feel good 24/7.

  • Increase confidence & self-esteem.

  • Decreases the time spent on your daily beauty regime.

  • Saves money and gives you more freedom.

Who can benefit from cosmetic tattoo?
  • People who are active and sporty who wish to have their make up stay on 24/7 instead of sweating of and reapplying constantly.

  • Busy people & professionals who have a lack of time to devote to applying cosmetics.

  • People who simply wish to enhance their current features.

  • People who have unsteady hands, arthritis sufferers, poor eyesight, wear glasses or lack of ability to apply make up.

  • Anyone who has allergies to conventional make up.

  • Anyone in the entertainment/modelling industry

  • People who have thinning or no eyebrows

  • Anyone who has trichotillomania or have had a loss of hair due to chemotherapy or alopecia disease.

Is Cosmetic Tattoo like a Body Tattoo?

Essentially it is the same procedure and outcome, but uses different equipment, method and pigment types. A cosmetic tattoo practitioner will use a digital cosmetic tattoo machine or a micro-blade, rather than a normal tattooist who uses a coil machine. The depth of which the cosmetic tattoo is inserted is also not as deep and sits anywhere from 1mm-3mm under the skin. A cosmetic tattoo is meant to fade slowly over time whereas body art will last for life. A cosmetic tattooist will also have a strong knowledge of the face and designs in order to enhance your natural beauty

How does a procedure feel?

Each client has different pain thresholds so feeling will differ between clients. A topical anesthetic is used before and during the treatment processes to alleviate any pain. On a scale of 1-10, 0 being nil pain, the average pain rating is 3. (Most clients describe the first 15 minutes of brow tattooing like a light scratching feeling, more ‘annoying’ than painful). Eyes and Lips generally numb a lot quicker then brows & most clients find these procedures quite comfortable.

How long do appointments procedure take?

Initial appointments are designed to be personalised and individualised to you and go for approximately 2 hours. Katelan takes the time to really get to know you and your style so she can create the perfect look for you. Your first appointment will consist of a thorough consultation, design process, treatment and after-care instructions.

Touch up appointments are for approximately 1 hour unless advised differently.

What can I expect to look like after the treatment?

Immediately after your procedure the colour may appear 20-50% darker then your chosen colour however this will soften as the skin heals itself by the epidermis (top layer of skin) shedding and renewing itself.  The exfoliating stage generally occurs after 7-10 days.  As the skin heals and renews itself there may be slight itching but this is a good sign. There may be slight swelling or redness but this will go down in the 24-48 hours. Generally normal activities can be presumed after treatments. Please use recommended treatment cream after procedure as advised to ensure a great result is achieved.

Can I get my touch up appointment earlier than 5 weeks?

No. It takes 5 weeks for the treatment to heal & for the colour to settle. Touch Up appointments are scheduled in 5-8 weeks after the first appointment for eyebrows & eyeliner. Lip cosmetic tattoo treatment touch up appointments are scheduled 6-8 weeks after the initial visit.

How long does each type of treatment last?

Generally speaking, eyebrow treatments last approximately anywhere from 9-24 months. Many environmental factors will affect the pigment longevity and also your lifestyle, skin type, medications and hormones. For example, an oily skin type may not hold the pigment for as long as someone with dry skin. It is recommended to return for a retouch appointment every 12-24 months to ensure your cosmetic tattoo is always looking fresh. Eyeliners  and Lips tend to last longer.

How soon after my brow appointment can I have them tinted and waxed again?

Please wait until healed (a minimum of 4 weeks) after your Cosmetic Brow Tattoo to have your Brows tinted and waxed or threaded. Please let them know you have had Cosmetic Tattoo and the idea is to not wax over the tattooed areas as that is where hairs are wanted. Now you have the perfect shape, I always try and encourage my clients to pluck or tint their own brows as it takes the guess work out what to wax and what not to wax.

Will I be allergic?

A skin patch can be performed upon request. Allergic reactions are extremely rare however regardless of having a skin patch test, allergic reactions may manifest and occur many years later.

Will it hurt afterwards?

The area treated will generally feel a little tender immediately after treatment and for the next 24-48 hours. Pain will be very minor as we work very shallow in the skin.

What factors will affect my cosmetic tattoo?

There are many individual and lifestyle factors that can affect the longevity of your cosmetic tattoo such as;

  • Excessive sun expose will fade the colour of the tattoo. It is advised to apply sunscreen to the treated areas to increase longevity.

  • Lighter pigments such as blonde will fade quicker then a dark brown pigment.

  • Smoking will cause the cosmetic tattoo to fade faster.

  • Bleeding during a procedure affects the amount of pigment absorbed into the skin. The Practitioner needs to be notified of any blood thinning medication and these need to be stopped prior to the appointment. It is advised to consult your local GP before doing so.

How old do you have to be get a cosmetic tattoo treatment?

You must be 18 years and older.


As a precaution we do not cosmetic tattoo if the following apply;

– Pregnant

– Undertaking IVF

– Cancer or undergoing Chemotherapy

– Epilepsy

If you are breastfeeding, we simply require you to ‘pump & dump’ for 48 post-procedure as a safety precaution.

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