Are you a Good Candidate for Cosmetic Tattoo Treatments?

If you are thinking about opting for a cosmetic tattooing treatment, it is crucial to do your research first. Remember, any procedure involves a certain level of risk. While cosmetic tattooing is a low-risk procedure, it is wise to know the nitty-gritty about its safety to ensure that your beautiful face is not put on the line.

Regardless of how ready you are for treatment, understanding that a myriad of factors plays a huge role in the results of cosmetic tattooing is a must. These include your health, the quality of your skin, your age, and your sensitivity to some medical conditions. Yes, outcomes vary from person to person and go beyond finding the right beautician. Unfortunately, pre-existing medical conditions and situations can increase your chances of complications and heavily compromise the effectiveness of treatment. If you experience them, you should refrain from considering having the procedure to avoid unfavourable situations.

At Unique Blendz, not only do we make sure you get the best cosmetic tattooing results and experience. Most importantly, we ascertain that your safety is far from jeopardy! That is why we decided to give you a word of caution by listing the common conditions that may interfere with the procedure. Hence, before you dive in and book your appointment, read the pointers below to find out if your skin is fit and ready for treatment!

Cosmetic tattooing may not be the best if any of the following applies to you:

#1. You are Pregnant
When you are pregnant, your body becomes more sensitive to any intervention. Plus, there is very little research about its safety for pregnant. It is best to wait until Bub arrives!

#2. You Have Diabetes
You are more prone to healing difficulties. Hence, clients who are low in insulin may find the healing process more challenging since they are vulnerable to risk for complications such as bleeding and infection. Hence, it is imperative to make sure your blood levels are within the ideal range and wait for your doctor’s green light before coming in for an appointment!

#3. Your Age Leans on the Older Side
It is no secret that the skin gets thinner with age. The sad news is that pigment tends to heal darker in clients with such skin. If you want to pursue cosmetic tattooing, find an artist-technician who is an expert in tattooing clients with mature skin.

#4. You Experience Facial Skin Complications or Have Sensitive Skin
If your skin is in a state of unrest, meaning it flakes or itches constantly, chances are it will not hold the pigment in an ideal way. Hence, if you have skin conditions like Eczema, Dermatitis, Psoriasis, Keratosis Pilaris, and the like, it will be best to distance your skin from cosmetic tattooing.

#5. You Have a Chronic Skin Condition
If your skin faces a chronic condition such as Acne and Rosacea, you might be aware that it is prone to bleeding and infection, making it difficult for the organ to retain the pigment as expected. Moreover, excessively oily skin may cause the tattooed hair strokes to blur, which result in a solid appearance in contrast to a desired feathered look that appears natural. It is important to find an artist who offers various brow styles to suit an oily skin type.

#6. Your Skin is Prone to Keloid Scarring
While cosmetic tattooing does not involve a procedure that cuts deep into the skin, there is no guarantee that it will not heal without a keloid scar. Hence, if you want to enhance your eyebrows, consider getting ombre brows instead.

#7. You Experience Cold Sores
If you suffer from cold sores and wish to have your Lips tattooed, there is a high probability that they will appear due to the intervention and may impede the healing process. Hence, it will be best to seek medical advice before going ahead with a cosmetic tattoo. Your physician will probably prescribe you anti-viral medication such as Lysine and Valtrex before the treatment.

#8. You Have a Blood Disorder
Blood disorders such as Hemophilia may cause excessive bleeding from even minor cuts. This interferes not only with the results but with the tattooing process as well. Aside from hindering pigment retention, excessive bleeding may wipe away the outline that guides the artist-technician.

#9. You are a Cancer Patient
It is undeniable that cosmetic tattooing is a blessing for individuals who have lost their eyebrows because of Cancer. Unfortunately, chemotherapy causes Neutropenia, a condition that is synonymous with having few white blood cells that fight infections. Hence, if you are undergoing such a treatment, it will be best to wait until you are cleared by your medical doctor to avoid complications.

#10. Psychological Disorders are Not New to You
We do not recommend cosmetic tattooing to individuals who experience psychological disorders such as Anxiety Disorders and Trichotillomania.

Clients who suffer from the former may find the physical changes and the healing process involved in cosmetic tattooing overwhelming. On the other hand, clients who face the latter, a condition where a person cannot help but engage with excessive hair pulling, may pick at the scabbing or flaking during the healing process. Unfortunately, this can give rise to scaring and an unideal case of pigment retention.

#11. You Have an Autoimmune Disease
Autoimmune diseases such as Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Hashimotos, and the like weakens the immune system, which opens the gate to infection. Hence, to avoid complications, consult your doctor first and take prescribed medication as advised.

While your situation can make it tough to feel confident about getting a cosmetic tattoo, you may still be eligible for the procedure. Just make sure your medical doctor approves of it and that you manage your expectations. With Unique Blendz, you can rest assured knowing your health and safety is never compromised by beauty!

If a medical condition or situation not on the list above applies to you, we recommend consulting your doctor. Then, you can search for the best cosmetic tattooing artist-technician nearest you!

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