Choosing the Perfect Colour for your Lip Pigmentation

Lip tattooing has become popular in recent years among women of all ages. In contrast to cosmetics, it has become the best option as it allows women to spend less of their precious time in front of the mirror. Aside from this, lip tattooing does not need retouching and helps you stay beautiful throughout the day!

Getting a tattoo can be nerve-wracking. Especially when it’s for your face, it can be daunting. The good news is that it involves a gentler, less invasive procedure than getting a regular tattoo. Lip Tattooing is the best way to enhance your features by adding colour, definition, and volume to your lips.

While you have 99% control of how your lips will look and you can still put lipstick on, deciding on a lip tattoo is not a walk in the park as it is relatively permanent. One of the first things that come into mind is the question of what lip tattoo colour will suit your features best. If you find it challenging to choose one, do not be discouraged.

At Unique Blendz, we make sure you get the service and results that go beyond what you can hope for! With that said, we would be happy to walk you through this process, too. Having examined different lip colours that work best with every skin type, we put this guide together to help you pick the best choice for when you come in for a session.

Start with the Basics

Some of us are blessed with features that can carry bold, kissable red lips. However, since we are unique in our own ways, this does not apply to everyone. For this, it is crucial to note that the lip colour that suits you best relies on the tone and complexion of your skin. Hence, let us dig a bit for a deeper understanding of colour theory to set yourself up for success!

Step number one is to identify your skin’s undertone. To do this, check out the veins on your wrist. Blue veins on your skin suggest a pink undertone. On the other hand, if green is more pronounced, you best believe you have a warm, yellow undertone. Furthermore, if the colour goes somewhere between blue and green, consider yourself lucky! That means any lip colour will work on you!

Next, experiment with lipsticks of various colours to see which one flatters your features best. It is crucial to note that the colour must compliment your skin tone. Remember, yellow undertones match best with warm hues, while pink ones look incredible with cool shades such as blue and purple.

Narrow Down Your Choices

Now that you already know your undertone, the next big step is selecting a specific lip colour from a range of hues that complements it. While you must go for your personal preference, it is also ideal to consider your skin colour. Whether your skin leans on the pale or tanned side, know that you will find a hue for yourself!

#1. Pale Skin

If your skin is significantly pale, you can rest assured nude colours or peachy shades will add spark to your look. Hence, steer clear from dark shades such as brown and burgundy as these will only add contrast.

#2. Olive Skin

For an olive complexion, your best bet would be warm, natural tones. Examples include reds, coral, and amber. Avoid dark colours such as purple and brown as these can add yellowness to your skin or make your look too monochromatic, respectively.

#3. Dark Skin

A dark complexity means you can choose almost any lip colour! This flexibility allows you to decide based on your preference more. However, it will be wise to avoid chalky and white hues.

#4. Light Asian Skin

A natural coral undertone comes with light Asian skin. The perfect colours that match this are coral and bold red. Moreover, stay safe from nude colours as this will only give a pasty appearance to your skin.

#5. Yellow Undertones

A skin colour between olive and pale is enhanced with a cold- or blue-based red lip colour. If this does not make it into your top five favourites, you can always opt for flesh hues and bronzes. Just make sure to avoid purples, which will make your skin look too yellow.

#6. Pink Undertones

If your skin lies between olive and pale, with a pink undertone, you will look stunning with eye-popping dark and orange-based reds. For a more natural glow, going for peach will not fail you, too!

Ready to slay a look with a perfectly luscious pair of lips? Visit us for a lip tattooing session tailored just for you. At Unique Blendz, not only do we put our best foot forward to give you the results of your dreams. With our eye for detail, artistic flair, and compassion, we also ensure you with a bespoke service that will give you the utmost comfort and satisfaction! Contact us to reserve your date!

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