Choosing Your Eyebrow Tattoo Shape

The first thing people notice about you is your eyebrows. That is why it’s very important to give your eyebrows the right arch and shape. With the right shape of eyebrows, everything else falls into pieces.

You may see a lot of women with eyebrows that fit perfectly well with their faces. However, you must remember that each face has a certain eyebrow shape that fits well with it. That’s why it’s also important to know how to choose the right eyebrow shape for you.

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At Unique Blendz, we will not just help you choose the right eyebrow shape that works well with you, we will also introduce to you the benefits you can get if you decide to get your eyebrows tattooed.

Why Choose to Get Your Eyebrows Tattooed?

Are you tired of reshaping and putting on your eyebrows every single day? Why not try out Unique Blendz eyebrow tattoo services?

If you’re wondering what an eyebrow tattoo is, it’s getting your eyebrows tattooed and done for you. You can decide the shape and the appearance of how your eyebrow tattoo will look like. But don’t you ever worry because we at Unique Blendz will make sure to give you an eyebrow tattoo that will show off your face’s shape and give you gorgeous features that would make heads turn.

For new clients who want to try our eyebrow tattoo services, you will require two appointments; the first is the consultation where we will talk about the process of the whole treatment including the customized design and the treatment itself. It usually takes up to 2 hours. The second appointment will take almost an hour which will happen 5-8 weeks after your first treatment to finalize the treatment area.

We have served tons of clients all over the Gold Coast who are genuinely satisfied with the results of their eyebrow tattoos - check out some samples here.

At Unique Blendz, we believe that giving women the right eyebrow shape can bring out the confidence in them.

How to Choose the Right Eyebrow Tattoo Shape For You

If you ever wonder what eyebrow shape best fits your features, here is a list of the things you should consider when deciding to try out an eyebrow tattoo.

#1. Diamond-Shaped Faces

If your face has a diamond-like shape with cheekbones that make your appearance look stronger and wilder, you can lessen the wild streak in your face by giving your eyebrows a curved shape. You can try out a curved eyebrow with an angled arch that can help soften the wildest parts of your face.

#2. Heart-Shaped Faces

For women with heart-shaped faces, you most definitely have a pointed chin. To soften your looks, you need to go for around eyebrow shape. Low-arch round eyebrows will give your face a more natural and softer look and can bring out your most feminine features.

#3. Rectangular Faces

A rectangular-shaped face needs to look rounder to bring out the feminine and softer side of the face. It must be kept in mind to avoid arch eyebrows because it will only give your face a sharper look. Go for a flat eyebrow shape with a little downward curve at the edge to none to reduce the length of your face.

#4. Square-Shaped Faces

Women with square-shaped faces have the strongest looking features. Since their jaws and forehead have the same distance, their faces seem to look like a square. To soften their faces, they need to go for a rounded shaped eyebrow or a low soft arch with the right size of thickness.

#5. Round Faces

Round-shaped faces need to have high arched eyebrows to give their faces more definition. You can also go for a soft arch shape. For women with round faces, you need to avoid round-shaped eyebrows or you will only make your face look rounder.

#6. Oval-Shape Faces
Many makeup artists consider oval-shaped faces as the best shape. If you have an oval-shaped face, you can go for a soft-angled brow shape to bring out the beauty in you.

If you are still unsure what kind of eyebrow tattoo shape best fits you, it is important to contact an expert for help. You can also check out this list so you can learn how to find the right brow colour for you.

Unique Blendz is the leading company that can help you solve your eyebrow issue. We even have other services besides our eyebrow tattoo services that can bring out your beauty and can help you be confident as you ever will be. At Unique Blendz, we believe that the best way to give women confidence is by creating a unique look for them. We also offer other services like eyebrow tattoo, eyebrow feathering and powder brows - contact us today!

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