My Eyeliner Cosmetic Tattoo Experience

I thought it would be a great idea to share my experience with you all in regard to getting my eyeliner cosmetically tattooed. I wanted to know how my clients felt throughout this procedure so I can easily relate and honestly tell you all who are interested what it is like!


Personally, I hate applying eye make up every day! A typical morning in my household is always rushed and by the time it comes to applying my eye makeup I’m always late and I have about 5 seconds to do it. Mascara always seems to somehow get on my face and my eyeliner never ends up even! I’m sure you can all relate!

Sounds a little cliché, but honestly, I love having my eyeliner cosmetically tattooed!  I’m blonde and fair skinned, so I wake up now in the morning and I no longer feel washed out. Don’t you hate it when somedays you simply cant even be bothered with applying make up and people ask “Are you sick?!” I get this so often – not anymore!  Now enough rambling, let me tell you about my procedure! Numbing cream was put on my eyes for approximately 20-30 min – Even though I do this with my clients daily, in my head I couldn’t help but be nervous and think, surely this numbing cream doesn’t work! It was nearly time to start the treatment and my palms were sweating … was it too late to back out?!

Tattooing started and I honestly couldn’t feel much at all – there was no sharp pain! I felt more of a vibrating sensation as the needle worked over my eyelid. It never hurt, it was simply just a little “annoying”. The needles only penetrate your skin approximately 1mm deep. Numbing cream was applied throughout the whole procedure. The procedure took approximately 1 hour. By the end of it, my eyes just felt like they have been sunburnt and I looked liked ive been crying all night! Obviously there was going to be a little swelling – this went down after about 24 hours!

I am so happy with my result and love how much of a difference it makes – even my partner noticed and said how great it looks! (For him to notice I know its made a big difference!).

I hope you all enjoyed reading my experience! I like to be real with you all and always educate you on different types of treatments and what they are like!

Creatively Yours,
Unique Blendz Cosmetic Tattoo Specialist


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