There is so much terminology in the Gold Coast Cosmetic Tattoo industry, its no wonder why so many girls are confused by what treatment to get! I’m here to shed some light to help women (or men) what each of these words mean to help make you make an informed decision on what type of treatment could suit you.


Feather Touch Brows (Can be called 3D Brows) The most natural style
This is the name of a certain ‘style’ of brow. Technicians use a ‘microblade’ and pigment to carve tiny hair strokes within the brow that mimic the natural direction and growth of the client’s real hair. A few technicians also choose to use a digital machine, its their preference.

Powder Brows (Also known as block brows) Not as natural as the Feather Touch Brows
A ‘Powder Brow’ is a ‘style’ of brow that looks as if you are wearing powder on your brows to create a fuller look. Technicians generally use a digital machine with a needle to insert pigment deeper into the skin.



Ombre’ BrowsA more natural style compared to the Powder Brow
An ‘Ombre Brow’ is kind of like a powder brow but the tech uses fading techniques to show more depth to the brow and to create a more natural look. The brows may start off lighter at the head of the brow and go darker towards the tail.

Designer Brow
This type of terminology is generally classed as a ‘customized brow’. Some technicians may use the combination of multiple styles together to create a Designer Brow. For example, it may have hair strokes at the beginning of the brow and blended with a powder style throughout.

Confused yet? Not to worry, I am able to advise you on the correct style/technique depending on your skin type and look you are wanting.

Creatively Yours,

Unique Blendz
Advanced Cosmetic Tattoo Gold Coast

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