What You Need to Know About our Full Lip Blush Treatment

The lips have become a hot topic in the world of beauty. And when it comes to makeup, some women prefer going with bold red lipstick. Others prefer neutral hues. What if we tell you that you could skip your daily lipstick, balm, and gloss with a semi-permanent cosmetic lip treatment? Another advantage is that it does not need retouching, too!

Our Lip Blush Tattoo has been gaining attention on social media in recent years. Not only does it give an illusion of fuller, luscious lips, but it also allows you to maintain a quick and low-maintenance makeup routine. With a Lip Blush treatment by Unique Blendz, you will wake up with gorgeous flushed lips every day, which can give you an additional boost of confidence.

What is our Lip Blush Tattoo Treatment?

Lip Bushing is synonymous with semi-permanent lip tattooing. It involves depositing pigment into the lips with a tiny needle to add a hue to the said facial feature. The colour is deposited only 1-2mm into the skin, leaving a soft healed result. Lip blushing results give the illusion of a younger-looking, more defined lip with a flattering tint. In contrast to fillers, it gives a more natural look, and not to mention, saves you money!

How Long Does a Lip Blush Last?

As mentioned, lip blushing is a semi-permanent procedure. Our treatment generally lasts approximately 3-5 years, depending on the colour chosen. The longevity will differ from client to client. Frequent sun exposure, smoking, and lip exfoliation may cause the pigment to fade quicker. Most clients opt to come in for a small refresh of colour every 2-3 years if they wish to create more definition or brighten the colour again.

How Does a Lip Blushing Procedure Go?

The Lip Blushing procedure does not take long. For best results, it takes two sessions, each of which lasts for more or less two hours.

The initial appointment includes a thorough consultation with the Artist to decide on the perfect lip shade. Next is the customisation of the design and mapping of the area to ensure you are satisfied with the shape. Before the treatment proper, a topical anesthetic is applied to numb potential discomfort during the procedure. This is applied regularly throughout the treatment for your utmost comfort.

During the lip blushing procedure, the artist adds pigment to the lips using a digital cosmetic tattoo machine with a tiny needle.. Layers of colour are applied accordingly to guarantee an even tone. Once the desired result is achieved, aftercare guidelines are discussed.

The touch-up session is required 6-8 weeks post-treatment to finalise the treated area. At a touch up appointment, the colour is assessed. We can add a brighter colour & more definition if required.

Does it Hurt?

“Beauty is pain,” is a familiar saying. Although your experience will depend on your pain tolerance, with a lip blush treatment, you will not have to worry about it too much. Most clients experience little to no discomfort at all & even fall asleep during the treatment!

Does Lip Blush Treatment Work on Every Skin Tone?

Yes, lip blushing works on all skin tones. However, the results may vary. It will be wise to seek advice from your artist regarding the best lip blush colour that suits your skin tone and colour for the best outcomes.

How Much Does a Lip Blush Treatment Cost?

The cost of this beautifying investment depends on the artist, qualifications & location. At Unique Blendz, you can have a bespoke service at 750 AUD, with the initial procedure costing 600 AUD and the subsequent session at 150 AUD.

How Do You Prepare for a Lip Blush Treatment?

If you are qualified for the procedure, congratulations! Ensure that your lips are healthy and hydrated before treatment. In other words, they should be soft and smooth as well. If need be, practice daily applications of lip balm or scrub. However, if your lips are chapped, allow them to recover first before commencin a treatment.

When it comes to diet, we advise skipping alcoholic drinks at least 24 hours before each session & any stimulants such as caffeine.

Do You Need to Practice Aftercare? 

Yes, aftercare is a must during the healing process. The aftercare must be followed for 1 week. Don’t worry if your lips look darker than you anticipated around this time. It is a normal occurrence.

As your lips start to heal, the darkness will wear off. However, there will be slightly dryness in the lip area as the skin regenerates. Avoid picking as this may lead to scarring and uneven tone. Hence, allow the top layer of skin to fall off naturally and lips to heal on their own. Also, avoid activities that cause you to sweat and frequent exposure to sunlight.

Does a Lip Blush Treatment Have Side Effects? 

Any form of permanent or semi-permanent makeup procedure includes some risks. These include infection and allergic reactions. Hence, it is imperative to trust a qualified and experienced artist.

Fortunately, the typical side effects of lip blushing are only minor. These include swelling and redness in the area. Any swelling will subside in 24-48 hours. An Aftercare pack will be provided for you with soothing aftercare cream to apply to your lips daily for one week.

Is Lip Blushing Worth it?

A low-maintenance, effortless makeover is always worth it, especially if it looks beyond your expectations! By adding a soft colour to the lips, you will instantly feel brighter, more youthful & also if required we can even out any asymmetry. At Unique Blendz, not only do we ensure an enhanced look that is more than what you can hope for, but we also aim to give you a bespoke service catered to your wants and needs. Reach out to us for an impeccably satisfying and comfortable lip blush result and experience!

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