All You Need to Know Before Pursuing Your Dream Cosmetic Eyebrow Tattoo

The eyebrows are very expressive, making themselves the most crucial facial features. Hence, it only makes sense that most of us not only take care of them. We also ensure these arches of the brow are the way we want them to be and represent us well. However, drawing the perfect eyebrows every day can be time-consuming and expensive. In search of an excellent and lasting solution, more and more women resort to having cosmetic eyebrow tattoos.



Microblading is a natural way of defining and shaping the brow by creating hairlike strokes to fill in sparse or thinning brows. Not only does it enhance one’s natural beauty by making the brows more pronounced, but it also spares you the time and cosmetics spent filling them in daily. This brow style is best suited for those who want a natural look, that does not mimic make-up. Feather Touch Brows is suitable for those with dry to normal skin types, clients who are not on blood thinning medication or have roscea. This style of the brow is generally not suitable for mature aged clients due to the technique used. Making the decision of having facial modifications can be daunting, especially when it involves tattoos. Empower yourself before taking the plunge!


If you're craving a look that heals to resembles a brow tint/brow henna then an Ombre Brow is for you! A digital cosmetic tattoo machine is used to create pixelated shading which gives a fuller look to the brow. The fronts of the brows are lighter whereas the tails of the brow are darker in colour. This is a longer-lasting brow technique that holds its shape longer than a Feather or Combination Brow. This is not a block colour tattoo. An ombre brow is customisable and you can have them as dramatic or soft as you like. This style is great for all skin types & for those who wear regular brow makeup. All treatments consist of a thorough consultation & precise brow measuring and design. This style can be customised to be made to look extremely natural like a soft brow tint or more defined for our bolder clients. Brow longevity is between 12-24 months depending on skin type, beauty regimes, and lifestyle. Results are individual.


A Combination Brow is a great choice of treatment if you love the look of the Ombre & Feather Brow combined. Fine hair strokes are tattooed onto the brow with the added bonus of some shading to really enhance and define the look. Shading is a great way to create a fuller look and to help blend in parts of the brow that have no hair. Where the shading and hair strokes are placed is discussed during a consultation - the look I create will be personalised to you. All treatments consist of a thorough consultation & precise brow measuring and design. Brow longevity is between 12-24 months depending on skin type, beauty regimes and lifestyle. Results are individual.

Allow us to walk you through everything you need to know before pursuing exquisitely inked eyebrows that will turn everyone’s heads in your direction!

#1.  Eyebrow tattoos are not a permanent fix.

Cosmetic tattooing is only semi-permanent. Unlike body art tattoos, cosmetic tattoos are more superficial to the skin. Plus, the ink is made up of smaller molecules and is expected to fade slowly over time. That is why it is not as lasting as the former. The upside to this is that you can always make alterations based on preference change or future trends later on.

Eyebrow tattoos last their best between 9 months and two years, depending on skin type, hormones, lifestyle, and medications. We recommend having retouch appointments every 12-18 months to maintain a fresh look.

#2.  The procedure requires at least two sessions.

The fear of undesired results is understandable. That is why the eyebrow tattooing procedure takes at least 2 appointments. The initial meeting spans about 2 hours. You will have pre-treatment consultation, eyebrow design customisation and area mapping, the actual treatment, and the discussion of necessary after-care directions. A 1-hour follow-up session 5-8 weeks after treatment must be booked and attended to finalise and perfect results.

#3. The Procedure

The facial skin is delicate, and especially sensitive is the eyebrow area, which makes the physical pain more pronounced. While every client has varying pain thresholds, it is safe to say the pain is no more than plucking or waxing. A topical anaesthetic is applied to the area during the treatment. Most of our clients describe the feeling as a mere annoying discomfort rather than a distressing ache.

#4. There are minimal risks.

With any cosmetic treatment, there are always potential risks associated with eyebrow tattooing that include scarring, infection, and allergic reaction. Thorough Pre-procedural instructions are provided to every client, and our highly reputable Artist adheres to proper hygiene, safe techniques, and advanced tools to ensure you will have the best experience. To slash the potential for allergic reaction, find out the type of pigment that will be used and stick with a tattooist who operates with one that matches your skin. A patch test can be requested before commencing treatment if you are known to have allergic reactions to any brow tint/dye or hair dye.

The eyebrow tattoo will take time to heal. Hence, regardless of how perfectly it is drawn, treat it like a wound to avoid the unpleasant consequences mentioned above. Do not rub or pick the area and steer clear from exposing it to cosmetics, sunlight, and sweat (or any liquid) per the aesthetician’s advice.

Kindly note that the procedure is not advised for pregnant women due to infection risk. Moreover, the healed result can be affected due to the amount of hormonal changes occurring within your body during this time.

#5. Your eyebrows’ look will not be identical.

They say the eyebrows are sisters, not twins. Even identical twins are not 100% similar, and every human body is slightly asymmetrical. In the same way, your natural eyebrows are not exact duplicates of each other. Thus, to help manage expectations, it is crucial to understand that the same goes for eyebrow tattoos as it is a work of the human hand. Nevertheless, at Unique Blenz, we can make them 99.99% as natural-looking as your actual eyebrows. Precise measuring of your facial structure takes place, but it is important to note your face has mannerisms, that can change the way your eyebrows look.

#6. Eyebrow tattoos lighten during the first week.

Do not worry if your eyebrow tattoo looks darker than you intended them to be right after the procedure. This time, the ink is fresh, but it will fade. In a week, you will see the result you have always wanted as they heal!

#7. Pigment retention varies per skin type.

As mentioned, the longevity of the eyebrow tattoo depends on one’s skin type. If you have oily skin, we recommend an Ombre or Powder Brow style, rather than Feather Brows, has you will have better retention. Complimentary Consultations are offered if you wish to discuss all questions and have your skin thoroughly assessed by one of our Cosmetic Tattoo Artists.

At Unique Blendz, I pride myself as one of the leading Gold Coast cosmetic tattoo artists. I present the latest eyebrow styles and the safest and most advanced techniques that suit clients of all ages and skin types. Visit and feel at home in my studio for a service specifically tailored to your wants and needs. With my keen eye for detail and artistic flair, you will definitely get results that exceed expectations starting at $650. Our services include eyebrow tattoo, eyebrow feathering and eyeliner tattoo - contact us now!

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