My approach to the Cosmetic Tattoo industry

Cosmetic Tattoo is an art, rather than a science. Each technician has their own style of work as their individual artistic flare goes into each and every design.

A lot of clients each and every week say to me “I’ve wanted to book in for a treatment for the last year, but each week I wanted to commit to booking I would see work online from various technicians that is really good and then I see work that does not look up to standard”. The answer to this is simple. The quality of work will vary from technician to technician based on level of training, product quality, knowledge base & also personal characteristics such as eye for detail & artistic flare. For example, in life we can all be taught to draw, but whether you can draw exceptionally well or average is a different story.

Just like everything in life, I believe Social Media has taken Cosmetic Tattoo by the horns and in some cases exaggerated what it is really meant to be. Personally, I strongly believe a good cosmetic tattoo should go unnoticed. I specialize in a more natural look, and in my experience a lot of my clients who want something extremely bold find in 6months to a year, their style has changed and want it to appear more natural. I am known to provide an ‘honest’ approach to the industry and an approach where I consider how the work on each and everyone of my clients will look in 12-18months time. It is vital that the work still looks great & is maintainable dependent on an individuals manicuring routine.

Personally, even though I work in the ‘beauty industry’, I still find walking into a beauty clinic quite intimidating, especially when you are going in to speak to someone about something you want to fix or are insecure about. I have designed my appointments with my clientele to be very relaxed, professional & very personalized. I am a huge advocate of not following trends – trends come and go & I surely know that not all trends have suited me in the past! If you are coming into the clinic with thinner eyebrows, you definitely will not be walking out with a thick overdone look. In summary, when it comes to any cosmetic tattoo treatment, I am not here to change you, I am here to enhance, not exaggerate your features.

Creatively Yours,

Unique Blendz Cosmetic Tattoo Specialist

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